So much is happening

Folks, so much stuff is going on – sorry for laking in updating the news here. We just repressed the TORSO 7″ and are down to the last copies of the HOLY 12″. The great Council of Rats LP came out and kills everything. You should check them out.

We also started taking pre orders of the Ritual Mess LP, the Crows An War LP and the Afterlife Kids / Lord Snow LP.

We also send the GIVE – electric flowe circus LP to the pressing plant – euro tour is scheduled for November

The Afterlife Kids / Lord Snow and Bad Vision tour starts this month – you better check them out live.

Bad Vision tour dates 

FULL EURO TOUR DATES!! Sept 19 – Oct 12
Fri 19 Sept – Berlin (DE) White Trаsh Fast Food
Sat 20 Sept – Munster (DE) Gleis 22 with July Talk (CA)
Sun 21 Sept – Tilburg (NL) Incubate Festival
Mon 22 Sept – Hamburg (DE) Hafenklang
Thursday 25 Sept – Amsterdam (NL) Pacific Parc
Friday Sept 26- Paris (FR) – Parvis De Bagnolet with Nuclear Frost, Alabaster and Paramnesia
Saturday Sept 27 – Antwerp (BE) Het Bos with Jack Oblivion (US), Urban Junior
Sunday Sept 28 – Lille (FR) L’Imposture
Tuesday Sept 30 – Mainz (DE) Haus Manuisch
Thursday Oct 2 – Tubingen (DE) Epplehaus
Friday Oct 3 – TBA
Sat Oct 4 – Trento (IT) – Angolo Del 33
Sun Oct 5 – Munich (DE) – Kafe Kult
Wed Oct 8 – Vienna (Austria) – EKH
Thursday Oct 9 – Giessen (DE) – AK44 with Brain On Furs
Friday Oct 10 – Hannover (DE) – Stumpf
Saturday Oct 11 – Groningen (NL) Orkz with Thee Chemicals (US)
Sunday Oct 12 – Berlin (DE) Bei Ruth with Modern Pets & Spray Paint (US)





24.09. Hamburg / TBC

25.09. NL – Njimegen / ondebrook

26.09. UK – Brighton / Bleach

27.09. UK – Nottingham / JT SOAR

28.09. UK - Manchester / wahlbar

29.09. UK – London / Unicorn

30.09. F – Caen / Le Bocal

01.10. B – Gent /

02.10. Solingen / waldmeister

03.10. Münster / baracke

04.10. Darmstadt / oettinger villa

05.10. IT – Milan / ligera

06.10. ITALY – HELP

07.10. SLO – Ljubljana / ROG

08.10. A – WIEN / EKH

09.10. CZ – Prague / orlova

10.10. Gera / Rotzfrech

11.10. Leipzig / Zoro

12.10. Berlin – BAM birthday


HOLY 12″ and TORSO 7″ are out now

Humans, sorry for the late update – the last days have been busy at our HQ. The TORSO 7″ and the HOLY 12″ just came out. Both bands tour europe at the moment and you better check them out to grab a record and see them live.

Up next will be  the Council of Rats Lp and the Ritual Mess LP. Two killer records. This year has been great so far release wise. Make sure to check them all out :)

Thank you

BATON ROUGE pre order and other schnick schnack

Ladies and Gentleman, we got great news. first of all the FAILURES – decline and fall LP is out now and all paid pre orders got shipped. We still have a few left.

We also started taking pre orders for the upcoming BATON ROUGE – totem LP today

And since some people asked we also printed some ADAGIO830 gym bags and reprinted the ADAGIO830 – coffee saves my life CREW NECK in three different colors. Check the bisaufsmesser webstore to grab one of all thoose goodies

next pre orders will be the HOLY 12″ and the TORSO 7″

watch out

FAILURES – decline and fall pre order plus a few more things

Peeps out there,

we start taking pre orders for the newFAILURES LP today (US VERSION will be out on YOUTH ATTACK)

Failures unveil their magnum opus dissonance with Decline and Fall.  It is a work years in the making, of painstaking scrutiny and craftsmanship, delivered in an agonized effort to boil down the very essence of what it means to endure the habitual torments of existence. In just over 14 minutes these 14 songs dissect the intricacies and endless defeats that coincide with our fruitless pursuit of happiness and fulfillment, and illustrate how, by rendering these hopeless, baseless projections of our deepest insecurities, we come to define our demise as the very core of our lives. Humanity’s toil may endure, but whether we drag along for the ride or tumble off into a ditch to rot makes no difference either way.

The records comes w/ two panel fold out cover and insert – art by Mark McCoy

listen to a song here

order here

On other news the new BATON ROUGE LP, the TORSO 7″, the HOLY 12″ and the COUNCIL OF RATS LP are at the pressing plant and the RITUAL MESS LP will be up next and so is a AFTERLIFE KIDS / LORD SNOW split LP. We keep you posted. The pressing plant takes forever at the moment – so we have to be patienced.

We also recieved our copies of the ACID FAST LP and the VEUVE SS 7″ – both are available via

More news soon

thank you


Hi. we just the AFTERLIFE KIDS – morgengrauen LP repress in. This time w/ black / blue covers instead of black / grey .. Looks great

Get your copy from us at

thank you


hi peeps. bad vision released their first music video

check it out here

BAD VISION – i got a problem


They will tour europe and our pal Flo from Trapdoor Tourz takes care of the booking. SO get in touch w/ him if you can help.

The tour will take place in September as well

Thank you


SPORT and other news

Hi peeps,

it has been quiet here for a while. But behind the curtain we have been pretty busy and so updating this website somehow always had less priority. Anyway. We updated the Release section since some great  new records came out like the SGURD 7″ and the new SPORT bon voyage LP. We also repressed the RUINED FAMILIES LP w/ a new cover art, the Afterlife Kids LP and the SPORT colors LP. All are available via along with tons of other great records. And you find them of course in lots of other mailorders / stores world wide.

And while being all pumped with early arrival of spring we have some more news. We started booking the LORD SNOW & AFTERLIFE KIDS fall tour. Let us know if you can help with a show. The tour takes place from Seot 24th til Oct 12th 2014. There will be hopefully a tour 12″ done by then. Keep your ears on the news section :)

We also release some more great records before the summer like the 2nd FAILURES LP, the debut by our friends in RITUAL MESS and also the debut LP by COUNCIL OF RATS from ITALY. A new BATON ROUGE LP is also in the works and so is a new SED NON SATIATA / CARRION SPRING LP. Lots of great news :)

Ok – enjoy the spring

Thank you


We finally got three awesome new releases — the HOAX LP is the europress of the US version …

HOAX – same LP

Western Massachusetts’ HOAX presents their highly anticipated self-titled, self-released 12 song debut LP.

After a relentless string of EP’s and tours, this release marks a new standard in DIY hardcore punk. Taking their pummeling, mid-tempo sound and expanding it into something far sicker and hideous, they have leveled the horizon with a series of anthems as you’ve never heard before. A huge collaborative effort masterfully engineered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air studios, this LP features contributions from 14 of the underground’s finest artists and comes housed in a full-color, double-scored folder enclosing 6 double-sided poster sized inserts.  split w/ La Vida Es un Mus

order here


LORD SNOW – solitude LP

It might took almost one year til we got everything together -  Lord Snow hailing from Chicago, IL  feat. peeps from Suffix, Raw Nerve and other bands. LORD SNOW deliver 12 songs of chaotic fast screaming hardcore. Straight distorted and passionate w/ female vocals. In your face and gonna leave your there w/ bloody ears and a disturbed mind.

Those 12 tracks got masted at Carl Saff and w/ artwork by Ryan Lawry

order here



Bad Vision from Melbourne / Australia came together in 2011 to make some noise. Fed on a diet of garage, post punk and proto punk, Bad Vision drawinspiration from the likes of Jay Reatard, The Wipers, Mission Of Burma, Angry Angles, The Saints and The Dirtbombs. Bringing some raw guitar noise that’s still abundant with melody to the table. Like a dirty takeaway on a Friday night, it hits the spot and goes well with beer.

order here

thank you


hey we got some news. at first the LORD SNOW LP is out now and ready to order. This took forever – but it was worth waiting.

order your copy here

Also we are happy to release the debut 7″ by our friends in SGURD – Check out those two tunes from the upcoming debut 7″ by SGURD feat. members of Smart Cops etc … will be out this winter on ADAGIO830

Also the BAD VISION LP is out soon – read an interview w/ them here at

and play a song here

Also at the pressing plant:

HOAX LP euro press (w/ la vide es un mus)

thank you

LORD SNOW pre order

Ladies and Gentleman. it took some time – but we are are finally taking pre orders for the LORD SNOW LP on ADAGIO830

LORD SNOW – solitude LP

It might took almost one year til we got everything together – Lord Snow hailing from Chicago, IL feat. peeps from Suffix, Raw Nerve and other bands. LORD SNOW deliver 12 songs of chaotic fast screaming hardcore. Straight distorted and passionate w/ female vocals. In your face and gonna leave your there w/ bloody ears and a disturbed mind.

Those 12 tracks got masted at Carl Saff and w/ artwork by Ryan Lawry

check them out here

Pre orders get green vinyl (ltd to 100)

order here


Thank you

Up Next

Mourning Cloak LP

Trembling Hands LP

Bad Vision LP

Pills 5″