Baton Rouge represses

Friends, Baton Rouge have been friends from day one. Those guys are the nicest people in this planet and I love them to death. See them go for a good in a couple weeks will leave w/ a teary eye – but I totally understand their reasons. I just want group hug them all day long.

I´m glad I´m involved in the repress of their debut record as well. It turned great! You can purchase this one and also the “totem” LP via

Thank you




hi, yes we finally got the copies of the FUTURE PUNX – this is post wave LP (US press on Dull Tools) and the 2nd full lenght by TOTEM SKIN called weltschmerz LP (US version will be out hopefully soon on Halo of Flies and Protagonist).

You can get those beauties at



BROKEN WATER euro tour starts next week

hi friends, Broken Water finally come over to europe. The tour starts next week at Bei Ruth in Berlin on Oct 2nd

here is the full schedule. We hope to see you there.

Our show in Bordeaux on Oct 18th got canceled. If you can help please get in touch w/ robert(at)


BROKEN WATER euro tour

02.10.2015 GER – Berlin / Bei Ruth

03.10.2015 DK – Aalborg / 1000fryd

04.10.2015 S – Malmö /area 51

05.10.2015 HELP

06.10.2015 NOR – Oslo / Ingensteds (w/ dark times)

07.10.2015 S – Stockholm / Landet

08.10.2015 S – Gothenborg / Oceanen

09.10.2015 DK – Kopenhagen / stengade

10.10.2015 B – Ghent / Kinky Star Club

11.10.2015 UK – London / Power Lunches

12.10.2015 UK – Leeds / Wharf Chambers

13.10.2015 UK – Cardiff / Gwdihw

14.10.2015 UK – London / old blue last

15.10.2015 UK – Brighton / The Quadrant

16.10.2015 F – Paris / La Mécanique Ondulatoire

17.10.2015 F – Lyon / Les Bons Sauvages

18.10.2015 F – Bordeaux TBC

19.10.2015 SPAIN – San Sebastian / Dabadaba

20.10.2015 SPAIN – Barcelona / Helioglobal

21.10.2015 F Marseille / L’embobineuse

22.10.2015 F - Toulouse / L’Internazionale

23.10.2015 F – Lille / Le Rouge

24.10.2015 NL – Amsterdam/ OCCII

25.10.2015 GER – Cologne / Club Privat

26.10.2015 GER – Kassel / Kassel Nord

27.10.2015 GER – Duisburg / AStA – Keller

28.10.2015 GER – Hamburg / Goldener Salon

29.10.2015 GER – Stuttgart / Secret Show

30.10.2015 GER – Darmstadt / oettinger villa

31.10.2015 GER – Leipzig / Zoro

01.11.2015 PL – Warsaw / Chmury

02.11.2015 PL – Krakow / Piekny pies


Thank you


DIÄT – positive energy LP and other news

hi friends, the DIÄT – positive energy LP is out now for a while (US press on IRON LUNG).  We still have a few LP / Shirt bundles left. Get them while you can at

We also started taking pre orders for the TOTEM SKIN – weltschmerz LP (US press on Halo Of Flies and Protagonist records). You can stream the record as many other releases on our bandcamp


besides that we will repress the BATON ROUGE – Fragments Deux Memes LP and the BATON ROUGE – totem LP this year.  Excited about this.

What can I say. It has been a great year w/ lots of great new releases so far.

Thanks so much for your support


Broken Water and Rat Columns Lps arrived

Friends – the Broken Water DLP and RAT COLUMNS 12″ arrived at our headquarter. we still have some pre orders left in case you missed it and fancy colored vinyl


or via

Thank you







hey. we start taking pre orders now for the upcoming DIÄT – positive energy LP (US press on Iron Lung Records) and you can order it via with a ltd T-shirt

check a song here


and order here


Thank you


p.s the record release show will take place on AUGUST 26th at Tiefgrund in Berlin w7 Merchandise









Rat Columns and Broken Water pre orders

hey friends, we start taking pre orders for the upcoming BROKEN WATER – Wrought, 45s, and Seaside” 2009-2015 DLP and the RAT COLUMNS – do you remember real pain LP – the pre order version both come on pink vinyl and are ltd to 100 copies.

Get them at

Sneak Peak them here


GIVE electric flower circus is repressed

friends, in time for their tour starting next month we repressed the GIVE electric flower circus LP on purple. (200 copies got pressed)

It looks sweet. We also got some GIVE shirts and sweatshirts left.

you can order it here

or here on tour

GIVE euro tour

25.07.2015 CZ – FLUFF fest

26.07.2015 SK – Kosice / collosseum club

27.07.2015 H – Budapest / KVLT

28.07.2015 GER – Nürnberg / P31

29.07.2015 CH – Schaffhausen / club cardinal (w/ deadverse)

30.07.2015 I – Bologna / freakout club

31.07.2015 I – Padova / bloom clum

01.08.2015 SLO – Koper / Inde

02.08.2015 A – Vienna / Venster99

03.08.2015 GER – Regensburg / Alte Mälzerei

04.08.2015 GER – Leipzig / Manfred

05.08.2015 GER – Wiesbaden / Sabot

06.08.2015 GER – Cologne / privat

07.08.2015 GER – Hannover / Stumpf

08.08.2015 GER – Hamburg / Størtebeker

09.08.2015 NL – Utrecht / DBS Matinee

10.08.2015 UK – Brighton /  Sticky Mikes Frog Bar

11.08.2015 UK – Norwich / Owl Samctuary

12.08.2015 UK – Nottingham / JT Soar

13.08.2015 UK – London / DIY SPACE

14.08.2015 B – IEPER FEST

15.08.2015 GER – Berlin / tiefgrund



SED NON SATIATA mappo is repressed

hi, hope all is well out there – we just got our copies of the SED NON SATIATA – mappo repress in. So you can order it again from us – This time on red / silver vinyl.


and here is a list of whats happening next


BROKEN WATER wrought + more DLP


RAT COLUMNS – Do You Remember Real Pain? 12″

DIÄT – positive energy LP

KINDLING – galaxies 12″

DARK BLUE – Red/white -singles LP

Thank you


Some news

friends, time flies and we are already 4 months in 2015. Lots of things are happening here and its time to get u back in the loop.

We  have a couple represses at the pressing plant like the SED NON SATIATA – mappo LP, BATON ROUGE – totem LP, TORSO 7″ and the GIVE – electric flower circus LP. (for the summer euro tour in July / August)

AND a lot of excting new things. The CARSON WELLS - Northern Path, Southern Lens LP just came out.

We are excited to announce a new 12″ by our friends RAT COLUMNS (they will tour europe this september – get in touch if you can help w/ a show), the BROKEN WATER – wrought DLP (incl the wrought album plus the extra songs from the oop 7″s – also on tour in OCTOBER – get in touch if you can help w/ a show), a split 7″ by CLASS / ASID BATERI, a new TOTEM SKIN LP and the debut LP by our friends DIÄT – called positive energy and a split release w/ IRON LUNG records and sooner then later a new RUINED FAMILIES LP

we also have a big cartel and bandcamp now

check it out


Thank you for all your support.

oh and we started booking more tours again.


thank you