Happy New Year

Happy new year,

lets hope 2021 will be a better year. I guess we experienced a difficult 2020. But on the bright side lots of great new music got released like the new SLOW WORRIES, which is available now and we also started taking pre orders for the upcoming new GHOST BAG LP, the new FLETCHER TUCKER LP and the amazing re release on vinyl of the OSTSEETRAUM full length (the tape version got released on MANGEL records)

so head to our Bandcamp our bisaufsmesser.com and get a copy. All those three will be available by the end of January / early February.

Thank you and stay safe



hi. it has been a while. But we have some exciting news. We just started taking pre orders for the upcoming SLOW WORRIES – careful climb LP. We also sent of to the pressing plant the new GHOST BAG LP, the new FLETCHER TUCKER LP and the OSTSEETRAUM LP. Up next will be a new PIGEON LP, a new REMEMBERABLES LP, a SHIFTERS DLP and also a TRUTH CULT LP … more news soon

Thank you


LIIEK s/t LP out now

LIIEK’s self titled debut LP is out now on ADAGIO830

“Liiek is a new Postpunk band from Berlin feat. peeps of Pigeon, Benzin, Aus etc - Think of Gang Of Four meets Q And Not U.

ltd to 300 copies plus 50 Testpress versions”

check it out here


buy it here


and a video for the song “crisis”



still hot:

GOMME – absent healing LP
CONTRACTIONS – Demain Est Annulé LP

LIIEK pre order

hi. we started taking pre orders for the upcoming LIIEK pre order. There will be also a ltd amount of 50 test presses that will be sold on their upcoming tour and via our bandcamp


Thank yo




GOMME – absent healing 12″ out now

hi lovers. we started 2020 with a bang. The GOMME – absent healing 12″ got released and we are so happy to get this one out on vinyl!!! Its such a fantastic LP

check out here





Up next will be the LIIEK LP, a new FLETCHER TUCKER LP and a 12″ with TRUTH CVLT from DC and a new REMEMBERABLES LP. We keep you on the loop.

Still hot

CONTRACTIONS demain es annule LP


Thank you for your support









CONTRACTIONS – Demain est annulé LP pre order

Ladies and Gentleman,

we are beyond excited to start the pre order for the upcoming CONTRACTIONS LP. After all those years working with all their previous bands (Daitro, Baton Rouge etc) it feels great to team up again and bring you the fantastic debut LP by CONTRACTIONS from Lyon and Besanscon.

You can pre order the LP


and here



This is also a co release with PURE PAIN SUGAR

Thank you for your support







Monplaisir LP pre order starts now

ADAGIO830 & Echo Canyon Records teamed up again to release the amazing Monplaisir (peeps of Sport) Full Length after a great 12″ last year on Echo Canyon.

You can listen to the whole record now for example here

and also pre order it if you want. We just wait on the inserts and hopefully ship all pre orders by Jan 21st


new Mixtape

It has been a while – but we made a new mixtapes with some of our releases in 2017/2018 incl. tunes by Artefact, Carson Wells, Cold Leather, Ghost Bag & Tine Fetz, Radium Grrrls, Ruined Families, Rank / Xerox, Regional Justice Center, The Rememberables, The Smudjas, Wet The Rope
check it out
Thank you


hi. we started taking pre orders for the upcoming Regional Justice Center LP which is a joint venture between Adagio830, Forever Never Ends, Straight & Alert &To Live a Lie. Each Label has their own pre order color. Collect them all :)

Check the first two tunes here


Thank you

3 new releases up for pre order

We got three new releases in the pipeline. We start taking pre orders from today on via our bandcamp or big cartel stores or via bisaufsmesser.com/store

CARSON WELLS – no relic LP

300 copies on black and 200 on Blue

Release Date June 15th

The third album from Scottish post-hardcore trio Carson Wells, out 15 June 2018 via Barely Regal Records and Black Lake Records in the UK, as well as European labels Adagio830 and Discos Finu, in Berlin and Madrid respectively. It will be available on 12” vinyl and as a digital download. All artwork was created by Andy Hemming. From their roots in mathy screamo, to their intricate and brooding sophomore LP, Tread A Northern Path, Carson Wells has evolved considerably during their near decade as a band. No Relic continues to push their music in new directions, as arguably their most surprising release to date. At 6-songs, certain authorities might consider it too short for the ‘long-play’ tag, yet, at thirty minutes it outruns their debut album, the nine track ‘Wonderkid’. The sprawling compositions on ‘No Relic’ stand as a testament to the expanded horizons of the trio’s songwriting – switching effortlessly from blistering, scrappy sections that hark back to the band’s early output, to expansive, hypnotic passages.

 Listen / pre order



COLD LEATHER – smart moves LP

500 copies on Black -  Silk Screened inserts

 release date June 15th

9 song debut album after a stunning 7″ and Demo.

Well, Cold Leather sound like neither. In fact, they probably sound as if no punk band had existed from ’74 on. They play those tasty classic rock type riffs with a groovy rhythm section and have the same sexy teenage urgency that you feel when you listen to The Runaways. It’s like they were punks before there was punk – and I don’t mean power-pop. I’m thinking about that period of time when rock was dangerous and sexual and it wasn’t necessary to differentiate it from all the commercial bands’ bullshit. And believe me, if Cold Leather have one fault, is that the short duration of their single and demo leaves us wanting more. For a whole lot more.” (cvlt nation /HUGO FILIPE LOPES)

 Listen / pre order



GHOST BAG & TINE FETZ – same LP + comic


There is 200 copies on clear and 300 on black

‘Ghost Bag & Tine Fetz’ is the outcome of a long distance correspondence between Netherlands based musician Nick Jongen and Berlin based illustrator / comic artist Tine Fetz.

“What started as the loose concept of “Tine draws, then Nick records” turned into an artistic and personal dialogue that neither of us saw coming. It took two intense months to shape this project, sharing secrets and getting closer along the way. Drawing and recording every free minute we had, ‘Ghost Bag & Tine Fetz’ became the narrative of our fever dream.”

All illustrations were made by Tine in Berlin, Germany and Pafos, Cyprus. All audio was recorded and mixed in Nick’s bedroom in Maastricht, Netherlands, except for the field recording on ‘At The Movies’, which was made at Rockaway Beach, NY, USA. Mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden studio in San Francisco, USA.

This project will be released as a gatefold lp & 40 page riso printed zine. The lp holds all the home recordings & the zine contains all illustrations and lyrics.

Nick is also in bands Sleep Kit, Baby Galaxy, and I Am Oak. This is the first release as Ghost Bag. Tine published a book called ‘This Is Not Uganda’ (Jaja Verlag) and has a weekly cartoon in German newspaper Jungle World.

 Listen / pre order





Thank you