Black Kites

Location: New Jersey/New York


BLACK KITES are a political vegan straight edge band from New Jersey and play some of the most heaviest mid 90is mosh hardcore. They formed in 2008 and released so far two full length LPs and a split LP and toured the east coast of the USA a numerous times. The latest full lenght is out on Brendans (Groundwork, Absinthe) Label Protagonist records and got awesome press … After a nice east coast tour w/ Zann this summer – they came over to discover europe w/ Ghostlimb. Their influences are bands like Deadguy or Disembodied. People of Black kites played in You & I (level plane) in the late 90es and defined a new genre of emo hardcore back then, later on members of You & I went on to form Hot Cross etc while Tom started The ASSISSTANT, IN FIRST PERSON and a bunch of other bands. 


“Advancement to Ruins”  12″ (2009)

Black Kites / Swallowed Up Split LP (2010)

“Song Written While Things Are Changing” LP (2010 / Protagonist)

Black Kites / Convulsions Split LP (2011 / Adagio830 / Glory Kid / Nerdcore)