Milano, Italy


Four friends gave birth to HOLY in 2011 in Milan, Italy. Organizing shows in squats over the past few years, and playing in different bands, they decided to start a band together with a sound that could mix 80′s and 90′s hardcore, punk and powerviolence. During the summertime, while most people were planning their holiday and heading to the seaside, HOLY were locked inside a rehearsal room, writing songs.
It only took a few days to give birth to a fistful of songs, a demo was recorded in that same rehearsal room, which instead of being a demo become HOLY’s debut record released by Hell Yes! in February 2012.



s/t 12″ (2012, HellYes!)

age of collapse LP (2013, Adagio830)






22/07/13-Milano,Ligera W/ Dangers, Painted Wolves, Cätärro

23/07/13-Bologna,Freakout Club W/ Dangers, Painted Wolves

24/07/13-Dachau (Germany),Freiraum Dachau W/ Kvltyst

25/07/13-Rokycany (Czech Republic) / Fluff Fest

29/07/13-Leipzig (Germany),Cafe Manfred W/ xKatexMoshx, Last Exit Suicide

30/07/13-Berlin (Germany),Tiefgrund W/ Up River, My Turn

31/07/13-Munster (Germany),Baracke W/ O, Jag Hatar

01/08/13-Amsterdam (Holland),Vrankrijk W/ Lentic Waters

02/08/13-Köln (Germany),Privat W/ Lentic Waters, Jackals

03/08/13-Karlsruhe (Germany) / New Noise Fest 8

04/08/13-Stuttgart (Germany) W/ Lentic Waters, Agatha, Eat You Alive

18/08/13-Darmstadt (Germany) W/ Loma Prieta, Anteater