Kids Of Zoo


Melbourne, Australia


KIDS OF ZOO formed in Australia mid-2008, spawned out of the ashes of straight-ahead rock and roll stalwarts The Specimens and cast back into the filth and grime of every nook and cranny of the Melbourne circuit, from despicable 15 minute sets at Pony Bar’s infamous 2am slot to numerous supports at the Tote Hotel, thriving on a strict diet of the likes of Part Chimp, McLusky & X (to name a few) Sets are short and so are tempers, lyrics are kept to a minimum of syllables & this band worships the tascam 4 track. Kids of Zoo mission statement is nothing more than create a wall of noise that will melt your face off like that soldier dude at the end of raiders of the Lost Ark!


“I Just A Wanna” 7″ (2009 / Diy)

“White Chocolate” 7″ (2010 / Diy)

“debut” LP full length (2011 / Adagio830)