Pygmy Lush


Richmond, VA


Pygmy lush started in the middle of the winter, before malady broke up. Johnny and i had become massive drunks, (from big to massive) and before too long you would find us completely leveled on the metro, crashing into parked motorcycles, getting kicked out of bars, chewing license plates, etc. as fate would have it,  we were jettisoned out of malady only to find ourselves in another band with my brother mike, a fast punk thing called “teenage noise” this band was actually pygmy lush, as a three-piece, we just didn’t know it. we practiced under that name for a while, but another band i was doing at the time MANNEQUIN had been put on hiatus, (actually mannequin was mike and i, and our friend mike widman. we just consoldated member) widman joined, and by summer, so became pygmy lush. w/ the promise of longevity, ( we made a promise to make a band last well past our thirties, that was and still is our goal, “keep this band, no matter what happens, keep it.”) we set out to the shed to shred. since then, we built a shed to practice in, moved into a house off waxpool, started a garden, suffered one nervous breakdown a year, pulled each other out of a rut one after another, got chickens, had nighttime bonfire shows w/family and friends, blew up pumpkins with shotguns, build a deck, made food for new and old friends, started a bathroom tile job, got goats, slaughtered and ate our dying turkey, dug ourselves out of mountains of snow, invented the coat hanger paper towel holder, (hook and loop) bought a van, wrote a record called bitter river, roasted chestnuts on an open fire, fished, swam, boat-ed the reservoir, bought fruit from the farm stand, went on tours, got ducks, bought another van,  met cool people, had good times in new Orleans, collapsed a floor, went to jail, wrote a record called mount hope, went to community college at the age of 30, quit community college, blew up pumpkins with dynamite (1/4 stick) took about three hiatus’, moved to New york, Philadelphia, Arcadia, stayed on waxpool, summoned spirits via oiji board, got better at guitar, worked thanksgiving and christmas at mom’s apple pie, mike benish left, dave came, dave left, eric came, petra left, kevin and annie left and came back, gena came back, (after leaving) j.r. and rachel moved to leesburg, steve caywood left, katy left, andy moved to New Zealand, aimee´comes and goes, same with janelle, braden cultivated 4 summers worth of honey, tideland put out a record, pizza formed then changed its name,turboslut shredded there way into the sunset, thou still rides, lovey doviesare still alive, ghastly city keeps getting more mysterious, litany for the whale is wailing somewhere in california, desark is leaving for europe and might not come back, cigarette is quietly building songs in their basement, and pygmy lush is still a band.


“Bitter River” LP (2007 / Robotic Empire)

“Mount Hope” LP / CD (2008 / Adagio830, Lovitt)

Pygmy Lush / Turboslut split LP (2009 / Exotic Fever)

“Old friends” LP / CD (2011 / Adagio830, Lovitt)