The Black Heart Rebellion


Gent, Belgium


The Black Heart Rebellion is one of the most promising bands to come out of the Belgian hardcorescene in the last couple of years. Their sound is greatly influenced by instrumental bands like Red Sparowes and Mogwai, combined with the dark atmosphere of bands like Cult Of Luna and Isis and the screaming intensity of bands like Amanda Woodward. By using visual effects at their shows and by making all the artwork themselves, The Black Heart Rebellion attempts to turn every record and every live performance into a full-fledged assault on your eyes, eardrums and those tiny hairs on the back of your neck.

Summer 2004 marked the beginning for the bands musical ventures that took them further and further into new challenges and broader audiences. Their sound grew as a deliberate choice not to follow the beaten tracks in underground music and has brought five young people both personally and musically to unknown grounds.

After a split CD release in the year 2005 with Belgium’s Autumn Delay and a special Japanese release in 2008 on Tokyo Jupiter Records, the band is back with their first full-length “Monologue”. Fully recorded in a bedroom and partly released on vinyl by their own recordlabel, “Monologue” is an excellent example of how The Black Heart Rebellion has been trying to bridge the gap between their broad horizon of musical influences and the DIY-punk background they all share.

As for the future, the band has been asked to play in a theatre production where they can experiment in yet another setting how to rethink and renew their music. Besides that the band is going on their annual European tour and is hoping to get their record across the European borders too. As the newest and proud member in the VlasVegas-family they are completely ready for anything that may come. The Black Heart Rebellion promises to keep us updated on their every move…


Monolougue LP (2008 / Vlas Vegas Records)

The Black Heart Rebellion CD (2008 / Tokyo Jupiter)

The Black Heart Rebellion / AmenRa split LP (2011 / Smoke and Dust)

The Black Heart Rebellion / Adorno split 7″ (2011 / Adagio830, Smoke and Dust)

Har Nevo LP (2013, ADAGIO830)