City Of Caterpillar pre orders and tour

Hi, what should we say besides that we are beyond stoked to release another City Of Caterpillar record after all this years. It feels like yesterday – but its more then 10 years ago when we released the City Of Caterpillar ‘demo & live’ LP. Now we started taking pre orders for the upcoming CITY OF CATERPILLAR – driving spain up a wall LP (US version on REPEATER)

and they will come over to Europe for the very first time

12.07. Leipzig / Plague
13.07. Berlin / Tiefgrund
14.07. Kopenhagen / kraftværket
15.07. Hamburg / Goldener Salon
16.07. Antwerp / Kavka
17.07. NL – Amsterdam / Occii
18.07. Paris / Point Éphémère
19.07. Darmstadt / Oettinger Villa
20.07. A – Vienna / Bach
21.07. Fluff