Hello world!

Hi. welcome to the new Adagio830 Website. Our friend Jeremy was kind enough to create a new website for us. Now its up on us to update it with all the information that helps you the find out about whats going on. More news on current, out of print and future releases. All the stuff you might wanna know … We will update that website now on a regular basis again and keep you on the loop about whats going on overhere.

The current news are that the Final Club “blank entertainment” LPs arrived. All pre orders will get shipped. The record turned out great and the Band will have copies on their USA winter tour. If you are a store in the USA – you can order it soon from Ebullition. It will be also available from our ususal stockist like Robotic Empire, Interpunk, VinylJunkie, Vitriol and other fine stores. (you will find some links in the link section to help to find your way!)

Also our copies of the Cloud Mouth 10″ (R.I.P) should be here soon as well. And we got news from the Abbey Road Studios that the Hanna Hirsch Master from John Golden arrived and that we will have the Laquer in the next couple days. So this will go to the pressing plant pretty soon.

We also gonna repress the Indian Summer – hidden aritmethic LP in the next couple weeks along w/ the reissue of the Indian Summer St 7″ as one sided 12″. Be stocked.

The Kids of Zoo LP and the new Aussiot Mort 12″ go to the pressing plant also pretty soon. We hopefully have those ones also out before 2011 is over.

Well more news soon.

Thank you very much