The Rememberables pre order

friends. its summer and we started taking pre orders now for the upcoming amazing debut LP by The Rememberables from D.C. with kids from coke bust and Walk the Plank.

“The Rememberables (members of Coke Bust, Walk the Plank, etc.), from Washington D.C., deliver a modern blend of grunge, power pop and fuzzy 90s alternative, reminiscent of Superchunk, Weezer, & Dinosaur Jr., on their infectious debut album. Seven blistering tracks serve as a perfect accompaniment for your summer drive — windows down, hair blowing, engine roaring fast down endless highways.

In other words – loud, refreshing and catchy as hell.”

check a tune here


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pre order here:



City Of Caterpillar pre orders and tour

Hi, what should we say besides that we are beyond stoked to release another City Of Caterpillar record after all this years. It feels like yesterday – but its more then 10 years ago when we released the City Of Caterpillar ‘demo & live’ LP. Now we started taking pre orders for the upcoming CITY OF CATERPILLAR – driving spain up a wall LP (US version on REPEATER)

and they will come over to Europe for the very first time

12.07. Leipzig / Plague
13.07. Berlin / Tiefgrund
14.07. Kopenhagen / kraftværket
15.07. Hamburg / Goldener Salon
16.07. Antwerp / Kavka
17.07. NL – Amsterdam / Occii
18.07. Paris / Point Éphémère
19.07. Darmstadt / Oettinger Villa
20.07. A – Vienna / Bach
21.07. Fluff

Three new Lps are out now

hi, what a start – we got three, actually four, new releases out now on Adagio830. Thats the

1. ARTEFACT – votive offering LP

2. RANK / XEROX – m.y.t.h. 12″

3. RANK / XEROX – mass transit TAPE

4. WET THE ROPE – sum of our scars LP

You can get them all eiter via


Thank you


ARTEFACT – votive offering LP & KINDLING 12″ pre orders

Friends, we are super excited releasing the debut LP by ARTFACT form Cardiff and a new 12″ by our friends KINDLING together with our friends from Echo Canyon.

you can purchase both via the




friens. happy new year and we are beyond stoked to let u know we are start taking pre orders for the upcoming RANK/XEROX – m.y.t.h. 12″ and also the TAPE that incl. there out of print tunes from the split TAPE with Grass Widow and their 7″s

head over to out bandcamp

or here


Thank you


RUINED FAMILIES – education LP out now

friends, the long awaited third full length by RUINED FAMILIES is out now and called “education”. We still got a few bundles and ltd clear vinyl available via

it turned out great. check out the 2nd video of the album

RUINED FAMILES – we want everything

thank you

DARK BLUE will be a bit delayed

well. Its about time that the vinyl hype will be over again – so pressing plants treat the small labels again as they used to when we kept them a float cause we always kept pressing vinyl no matter if there was a hype or not. CAUSE SMALL LABELS never cared! we released records cause we could not thinking about any better format. anyway

Long story short – our pressing plant fucked up and so the EU pressing of the DARK BLUE - start of the world LP #fuckoptimal will be delayed and we expect our copies to arrive now on Nov 30th!! I`m really sorry about this.…/dark-blue-bombs-on-the-beach

RUINED FAMILIES – education LP pre order

Hey. we started taking pre orders for the upcoming RUINED FAMILIES LP called ‘education’. There are various options / bundles available.  LPs will ship around Nov 20th. First press is ltd to 500 copies (100 on clear / 400 on heavy weight black vinyl)

Formed in 2010, Ruined Families is a hardcore punk band based in Athens, Greece. Following two acclaimed LPs and a 7″, their new release is called ‘Education’ and features 10 songs spanning just over 17 minutes. Drawing elements from their previous work, ‘Education’ touches on 90s screamo, fast hardcore and post-punk. Unavoidably marked by the lasting turbulence of the Greek condition, Ruined Families attempt to make the most out of a precarious present by putting frustration into words that speak the mind of contemporary youth.

Likely to appeal to fans of: Union of Uranus, Reversal of Man, Sonic Youth.


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RUINED FAMILIES – education LP + T-shirt bundle


RUINED FAMILIES – education LP + T-shirt + enemal pin


RUINED FAMILIES – education LP + enemal pin


or here


LEVITATIONS LP is out now and DARK BLUE LP pre order started

friends, what an exciting weekend. We just got the LEVITATIONS – dust LPs earlier then expect and all paid pre orders are shipped. And since we like to stay in the flow we started taking pre orders for the upcoming DARK BLUE – start of the world LP (us press via 12XU) which should be out in November 2016.

you can check a tune here


Thank you for all your support


Levitations pre orders are up

hi, we are pumped to let u know that we started taking pre orders for the upcoming LEVITATIONS LP called dust.

check two tunes here and pre order the album