FLAMINGO MASSACRES - wearing your heart in the front of...

FLAMINGO MASSACRES “wearing your heart in the front of…” lp
(together with X-Mist; more cool stuff from this all-girl trio from nürnberg. when they would come from washington dc they would be famous???!!!)

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FLAMING MASSACRES (THE) “Wearing Your Heart On The Front Of Your Shirt” LP
Interesting one, a 3 piece from Germany that consists of dual female vocals backed up by two basses and a drum kit. The results are good and reminded me of loads of late 80s DC stuff mixed with someone like LUNGFISH and BOB TILTON. I must confess that I dismissed this as boring emo at first but I was wrong although it will appeal to fans of that genre there is a lot going on here that keeps the record interesting. Nice presentation and artwork as well.
(SH/ reason to believe)