the244GL / ZANN - split 7

the244GL / ZANN split 7″
(a friendship … that’s the reason?! two bands that are in way of winning a “rockhard – contest” put out a split seveninch to document their friendship that never exist. a document of two bands that come from two differnet childhoods…eastern and western germany :-) 244GL moshprollmetal with the most sexiest bassplayer in whole world …one the flipside ZANN. more chaotic stuff what should I say? it`s another split label realease of MODUS OPERANDI and ADAGIO830. be desperated)
500 made on blue vinyl: SOLD OUT!

Both bands are nothing to fuck with. From both sides I expected less heavy stuff, but afraid. Zann is like a nightmare with ugly gruff vocals and guitars that dare to stretch songs with emotional undertones. Followed by chaotic grindy parts. I say “emotional” but Zann never gets sweet. They sound really bad ass. They display one song on this split that is not really convincing enough I think. Also check their full 7″ and 3-way split 7″ with Anger is Beautiful and Racebannon (though this one is sold out already). Flip it over and there’s The 244 GL that attack your ear drums as means as Zann does. Hell, maybe even meaner. Their grind attacks are a lot faster and made me think about Spread the Disease. In between the fast parts The 244 GL is stomping and moshing and draws influences from that heavy new school metallic kinda hardcore. Sweet, but not always convincing either. I like the fast parts, but the others are not that great. When I saw them live they really rocked in my opinion and they really got up in their music. And they sounded as if the female singer (wow!) puts her foot I my face with every rhythmic twist or breakdown. Now, that’s domination baby yeah! This split is not really a must, but both bands are really hard and they know what they’re doing. They both sound so unpolished what I really like with this style. 3 songs on clear blue vinyl…and there are only 500 made.
[rik/ mashnote fanzine]